The BE.ST. project wraps up in Trieste with the pitching of 6 Serbian business ideas

October, 1, 2019

Almost everything is set for the final best practices lab that will mark the conclusion of the BE.ST [BEst practices exchange to STimulate Serbian SMEs growth] project, an initiative implemented by INSME in collaboration with Cluster House and co-financed by the Central European Initiative – CEI under the Knowledge Exchange Programme.

Six Serbian entrepreneurs selected among the ones who attended the three best practices labs held in Nis, Serbia in the past months will be welcomed in Italy on the 8th and 9th of October.

On the 8th of October the workshop will be hosted at the CEI premises in Trieste and participants will have the chance to participate to an initiative during which they will receive advises on how to make their companies more competitive. In addition local experts will discuss the crucial role SMEs play as key drivers for the economic growth by directly involving the young entrepreneurs. Furthermore a site visit to T2i – technology transfer and innovation is scheduled for the second day in order to offer an overview of how innovation could support the expansion and the access to new markets.

Source: The International Network for SMEs - INSME

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