10 Hot Trends of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2013

 – by Amir Raveh –

Back in 2006 a British VC investor had told me that he decided not to invest in a social project called Facebook. He explained that his decision was based on the three main parameters that a successful start-up should have: An experienced team, a unique product and a big market. We all know how that turned out.

Many of us are looking to for the next Facebook. After leading dozens of entrepreneurship and innovation workshops and courses, all over the world, I have been exposed to hundreds of new business idea here are my predictions for the 10 hottest trends in innovation and entrepreneurship in 2013:

  1. My PA: This will be the year of personalized applications – our mobile device will become our ultimate personal assistant.
  2. Control freak: The remote control devices will expand to reign over the entire home – Internet connectivity will reach  our refrigerators, heating system, home security, etc..
  3. Cash is (not) king: Alternative payment systems (sch as mobile wallet) will become widespread. the way we pay and how we perceive the concept of money will be transformed.
  4. Talk to me: New, more human ways of communicating with machines via speech and gesture will become more commonplace.Computers will understand us better, with emphasis on user experience.
  5. Print me a Tea Cup: Democratization of production – 3Dprinters will allow quick, local production of a wide variety of products.
  6. Online fundraising: Social platforms for raising capital through the crowds – creating a platform for financing ventures without the need to issue the stock market.
  7. Global teams (Programmer from the Philippines, Designer from Uruguay):  Social platforms to create and share global work teams. Online platforms will allow  the Formation of teams and business partnerships regardless of physical location. No more small discussions with a limited amount of people.Anyone can form an expanded global think tank.
  8. Buying for cheap is ON: Upgraded online trading platforms and smart consumption – improved infrastructure, more smart comparisons tools, creating tools recommended for social purchasing options. Due to the recession, modern society will invent ways to improve consumption.
  9. No need for a doctor:  Personalized medicine computer (mapping DNA / genome) – will give us the ability to treat people based on their DNA and the ability to predict diseases.
  10. How is your energy? Systems to create cleaner and cheaper energy.

These are my predictions for 2013, but the largest and most significant innovation in recent years is that we are a generation who can make our dreams a reality, as Yanki Margalit, social entrepreneur and personal friend, put it nicely:

We are so lucky; we are living in an age of – dream it! Make it!

Amir RavehAmir Raveh  is a Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, he founded the British investment house MG Equity Partners that invests in early stage ventures.
Currently leading with Assaf Mendelson and the EAI team the EU Virtual Accelerator Platform.

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