2024’s EU Comission Work Package Launched!

27 October 2023

The 2024 Commission Work Programme, adopted on 17 October 2023, puts a strong focus on simplifying rules for citizens and businesses across the European Union. This follows up on President von der Leyen’s commitment to reduce reporting requirements by 25%, in line with the strategy to boost the EU’s long-term competitiveness and to provide relief for SMEs. The Work Programme reflects on the achievements of the past four years, outlines the Commission’s new proposals for the months ahead and presents significant initiatives aimed at cutting red tape. With the 2024 Work Programme, the Commission is putting forward 26 additional proposals to reduce administrative burden without lowering social, safety, consumer protection, environmental or economic standards.  

European enterprises serve as vital contributors to society, generating employment, fostering innovation, and enhancing overall prosperity. The competitiveness and productivity of these businesses are fundamental prerequisites for their growth and, in the face of recent consecutive crises, the European Union has swiftly implemented a unified and coordinated response to safeguard its socio-economic fabric. The EU possesses the potential to build upon its strengths and attain more than mere catch-up efforts, bridging the gaps in growth and innovation. By adopting a forward-thinking, well-defined, and harmonized EU framework, we can nurture thriving businesses capable of global competition, offering attractive employment opportunities and establishing worldwide standards. To chart a sustainable trajectory for the EU economy beyond 2030, both the EU and its Member States must actively pursue structural enhancements, targeted investments, and regulatory measures aligned with the principles outlined in this communication. 

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Source: INSME Secretariat

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