20th International Entrepreneurship Forum in Porto

28 June, 2024

The International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF), which was founded by INSME senior board member Professor Jay Mitra in 2000, is an extensive network of academics, practitioners, policymakers and representatives from social and community-based organizations, collaborating closely with the OECD’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and co-coordinating INSME’s Research and Learning Forum together with Secretary General, Giovanni Zazzerini.

IEF meetings are designed to foster relationships between these four groups based on the belief that there is as much value in academic exploration as in discovery through practice. It holds annual conferences around the world and enables partnerships between delegates and others to advance new knowledge on entrepreneurship, innovation, economic and social development. Past events have allowed participants to develop new partnerships and projects, gain insights into entrepreneurial activity, and demonstrate the value of learning in an international arena of thought and practice.

The 20th IEF Conference will be held in Porto, Portugal from 9-11 of September. The theme of the 2024 conference will be Connecting Technology, Innovation and Society: An Entrepreneurial Approach. Panel sessions will host speakers from across the globe and explore three main themes: technology and sustainable development goals, innovation and social impact, and society and technological innovation. This conference is open to anyone who likes to create, learn, and explore new opportunities for venture creation, such as
researchers, project developers, policymakers, practitioners, and students.

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Source: INSME Secretariat

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