2nd D4SME Roundtable: SME digitalisation and responses to COVID-19

January, 27, 2021
All INSME members are invited to participate to the 2nd roundtable of the OECD Global Initiative “Digital for SMEs” (D4SME) organised by Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary General and by Hon Stuart Nash, New Zealand Minister for Small Business and chair of the OECD Digital for SMEs Initiative. It is a multi-stakeholder dialogue engaging governments, large and small businesses, industry experts and associations on how to enable all SMEs to seize the benefits of digitalisation. This initiative is promoted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities of the OECD.
The roundable aims at enhancing the understanding on how different types of SMEs can seize the benefits of digitalisation to innovate, improve competitiveness, and participate in global markets and Global Value Chains.
This edition will focus also SME responses to COVID-19, by promoting knowledge sharing and learning among policy-makers, businesses, researchers and institutions at the global scale on the role of public and private initiatives.
The virtual meeting will gather representatives from governments, regulators, business, SME associations, incubators, and international organisations.
Participants will be encouraged to discuss opportunities and challenges related to digitalisation and SMEs responses to COVID-19 in three sessions. Each session will feature an OECD government and a small or medium-sized enterprise showcasing their digitalisation experience, followed by an open discussion.
At the end of the Roundtable, the Programme of Work 2021-22 of the D4SME Initiative will be presented to participants for feedback. Furthermore, the OECD report “The Digital Transformation of SMEs” will be launched at the Roundtable. It illustrates recent trends in SME digital uptake, discusses about digital security, online platforms, blockchain ecosystems, and artificial intelligence, presents policy experiences and raises considerations to advance the SME digital policy agenda.
The event also features a call for SME owners who are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis and wish to share their experience at the event, by sending in advance a 500-word story on the role of digitalisation in their response to the pandemic. The selected entrepreneurs will be special invitees to the OECD D4SME Roundtable. You can apply here.
If you are interested in attending the Roundtable or wish to learn more on D4SME you find more information here.
Source: OECD

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