A new Innovation Best Practice from the INSME Network: the INTRASOFT International Internal Innovation Competition

March, 29, 2019

Fostering entrepreneurship inside a company is fundamental to create innovative related products and services. This was the foundation on which INTRASOFT International (holding INSME Vice Presidency) designed and implemented the Internal Innovation Competition with the aim to establish a contest to exploit the creativity potential inside the organization. Through the launch of an open call for ICT products and services INTRASOFT International invited all its employees to submit their innovative idea by completing a short submission form that included 5 key questions related to their idea. The 10 best ideas were selected and entered the second phase of the contest where participants were requested to write a business plan and prepare a short pitch in a video format. The winning team was selected by a jury committee and received a cash prize and the opportunity to bring its idea to life either by getting into an internal or external incubation program.

Read more on the challenges faced when implementing the competition and the results achieved at this link.

Source: INTRASOFT International