ALADI- Latin-American Integration Association, launches the platform “Pymes Latinas Grandes Negocios”

28 July 2021

“Pymes Latinas Grandes Negocios”, is a platform created by ALADI, INSME member, which offers in one place tools specially designed for regional SMEs, directly addressing their needs and enhancing their participation in intraregional trade.

It aims to energize SMEs throughout Latin America by offering various products categorized in 4 centers:

  • The Business Center focuses on trade opportunities of SMEs in the Business to Business. Using ALADI platform, a company that offers a certain product is contacted to a buyer through an automatic matching algorithm. This Center also summarizes the business rounds, and payment mechanisms.
  • The Information Center (Market Access) provides useful information such as taxes, tariff preferences, trade regulatory standards, main buyers and other issues of interest, helping SMEs to manage and internationalize their businesses in the region.
  • On the Training Center you could access the offer of free online courses and training events for entrepreneurs in the region.
  • The Logistics Center, offers information about the procedures, costs and benefits of different means of transportation and logistics tools.

Through its four large online centers, entrepreneurs will be able to connect with other entrepreneurs in the region, participate in business rounds and market their products.

Find here further information.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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