BDB’s Conference on “Three Seas: Equity Investment in Infrastructure and Innovation” 

1 July 2022

The Bulgarian Development Bank, INSME Member, together with the Three Seas Investment Fund (3SIIF) and the Investment Manager Amber Infrastructure, organized on the 13th of June a conference centered around the “Equity Investments in Infrastructure and Innovation” and the aforementioned Investment Fund 

“Through the Three Seas Initiative and its Investment Fund, global and local institutional investors are faced with new opportunities to invest their funds in, a diverse portfolio of regional infrastructure assets,” Minister Daniel Lorer said at the opening of the forum. He then added that “Bulgaria, through its Development Bank, is fully committed to support the deployment of the Fund across the region, in close cooperation with both the private sector and public authorities.”  

The aim of this conference and of the parties involved was to unlock the potential for investment in inspiring ideas and projects, that in turn will sustain and develop the economy further in a continuous cycle, with the Fund expected to help in that regard by removing the existing internal barriers within the EU, pooling public and private capital to invest in infrastructure and innovative economic development.  

“The Three Seas Investment Fund is a powerful tool for all the actors involved that has to be used to accelerate the economic recovery and development of the region through private investment in large-scale projects in the transport, energy, green and digital sectors,” the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Bank of Finance Tsanko Arabadzhiev added as a final remark, closing up the conference with the promise and trust of proactive participation from and for the aforementioned institutions. 

Learn more about the conference and the companies that participated here. 

Source: INSME Secretariat

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