Digital Transition and AI for SMEs

29 April 2024

On April 13th 2023, the conference titled Digital Transition and AI – Opportunities and Challenges for the future took place in Rome organized by ANGI (Young Innovators National Association). INSME Secretary General was invited to participate in this conference and participate in a high level about these key opportunities for SMEs, and the risks on the other hand.

INSME Secretary General, Giovanni Zazzerini noted how the digital transition and the use of artificial intelligence are no longer an option for people, companies, and organizations, but an ongoing development. The only choice is whether to take advantage of or distance oneself from the phenomenon that is already changing the world. So many opportunities in in terms of marketing, efficiency, productivity, decision-making, etc., offered by Artificial Intelligence, how many issues still unresolved for SMEs, including the acquisition of technical skills, implementation costs, the integration with internal processes, data collection and privacy management and finally the commitment and vision of top management.

Governments have recognized the game-changer role of AI and through financial incentives, training programs and regulations are trying to facilitate the integration of AI in SMEs but there is still little coordination and involvement of all stakeholders: governments, companies, universities, non-profits.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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