EIC Tech Report is Out!

29 January 2024

At the end of 2023, the European Commission published the annual EIC Tech Report highlighting new technologies and innovations submitted to the European Innovation Council (EIC) under Horizon Europe in various fields such as deep tech, digital health, space exploration and more.
The report emphasises early-stage research projects, funded under the Horizon Programme after an extensive review by independent experts. It also includes some technology areas that have attracted high quality proposals but have not been funded by the EIC so far.
The European Innovation Council aims to position the EU at the forefront of deep tech innovation, especially in the ever-evolving fields of AI and digital opportunities. This European Commission initiative has been established as a flagship initiative to support game changing innovations. EIC supports at every stage of the lifecycle: from early-stage research, to proof of concept, technology transfer, and the financing and scale up of start-ups and SMEs.
In the first part, the document presents the most significant aspects of innovative projects in classic areas such as transport and health, but also sheds light on unexplored territories, delving into digitaltech, space, industry and cleantech. In the second part, EIC programme managers share their observations and conclusions on part of their project portfolio, providing guidelines and best practice for future projects. As a main finding of this report for the past year, it is clear that the primary technological hurdle, as well as an opportunity for innovation, lies in expediting the discovery process of techniques to create and manage the necessary materials and human talent. The technologies and instruments being developed in the EIC portfolio are promising for the future development of new frontiers in tech. Read all about it by clicking here.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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