Exploiting International Partnerships to Promote Innovative Investments 

27 November 2023

Andrea di Anselmo, INSME’s Vice-President and CEO of Meta Group (an INSME key member) has produced a chapter in the recent book Cooperation and Enlargement: Two Challenges to be Addressed in the European Projects, published by Springer in November of 2023. The chapter is titled: “Exploiting international partnerships to promote innovative investments”, written by Andrea Di Anselmo, Alessia Melasecche Germini and Anita Tregner-Mlinaric. You can access the full publication here. 

This chapter explains how the landscape of regional innovation strategies is undergoing a transformation due to Smart Specialisation, fostering collaboration across different levels. These Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) play a crucial role in directing and harmonizing endeavours among both public and private entities while optimizing fund allocation. Recently, S3s have expanded globally and interregionally, giving rise to Smart Specialisation Partnerships (S3P) such as the S3P-Industry. 

The S3P-Industry has evolved significantly, progressing from a loose framework to the development of joint investment ventures. This evolution owes its success to the European Commission’s Technical Assistance, particularly the Technical Assistance Facility for Industrial Modernisation and Investment (TAF), which supported these partnerships in their growth. This document presents insights garnered from these international partnerships, outlining lessons learned and offering recommendations for policymakers to bolster and expedite similar strategic initiatives in the future.  

Source: INSME Secretariat

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