Innovation Management Programme

From the 30th of April to the 9th of July 2020

On the 30th of April 2020, INSME launched the the e-learning programme Innovation Management, which covered the key aspects of innovation in 6 webinars plus 6 drill-down sessions over a 4-month period, ending on July 9th 2020.

The online webinars were held by world‑renowned academics, experienced venture capitalists, skilled consultants and talented entrepreneurs, such as, among others, Hamsa Thota, Elio De Tullio, and Nava Swersky Sofer. They aimed at developing the entrepreneurial competencies of attendees, while offering them the opportunity to strenghten their business network. 
Attendees were also afforded the opportunity to share their ideas and business cases, to receive tips and adive from the INSME experts.


These are the topics covered:

  1. Innovation Management – Innovation as a process that needs to be managed to achieve a competitive advantage
  2. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – An overview on the entrepreneurship ecosystem, its key components, interactions among players and best practices worldwide
  3. Lean Start-up Methodology – The Lean Start-up approach to create and manage start-ups (Minimum Viable Product, Business Model Canvas, etc.)
  4. Intellectual Property – The role of IP in the innovation process, in bringing new technologies to the market and in enhancing competitiveness
  5. Social Entrepreneurship – The concept of social entrepreneurship and how social enterprises contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals
  6. Digitalisation for SMEs – Strategies to exploit opportunities for growth offered by digitalisation 
  7. Innovation Policies – How innovation policies are designed and implemented worldwide from the “best in class” policy makers


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