INSME at the Mediterranean Innovation Agrifood Week

27 October 2021

On the 25th of October 2021, INSME participated to the Mediterranean Innovation Agrifood Week in Bari, Italy, upon invitation by its Member H&D Partners, who are actively involved in the project. The event, focused on innovation and creation of start-ups in the Mediterranean area, explored the ecosystem of ISOs and how to strengthen services and support to young entrepreneurs. It was organised by CIHEAM Bari in collaboration with MIP – Mediterranean Innovation Partnership, within the project WATERMEDYIN, funded by the Italian Cooperation. Professor Zazzerini was invited to discuss the role of government and public sector within the entrepreneurship support value chain, during which he underlined the crucial role of government and public administrations within the entrepreneurship support value chain and the importance of public-private partnerships and policies for innovation to foster economic development.

The initiative gathered about 100 guests among start uppers, trainers, agricultural entrepreneurs – from Italy and from the Mediterranean region – as well as renowned international experts in the field of innovation, with the following objectives:

  • contribute to the identification of strategies for the creation of an environment conducive to the sustainable development of the agri-food sector in the Mediterranean, by leveraging on young people and on the combination of innovation and competitiveness;
  • support 15 successful start-ups from Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia (selected in the framework of WATERMEDYIN project by an international panel) which will present their business idea to a diverse audience of investors, senior companies and public institutions;
  • deepen strategic aspects on the strengthening of the innovation ecosystem.

More information is available here.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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