INSME at We Make Future 2024

15 June, 2024

We Make Future is an internationally renowned trade fair and festival dedicated to digital innovation, business, and technology. Attendees at the 2024 event, held in Bologna from 13-15 June, had the opportunity to explore new latest technological and digital advancements in AI, green transformation solutions, gaming, transportation and so much more. The fair saw over 70,000 participants attending from over 90 different countries including INSME key members Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency, SACE and EURid. With over 100 different roundtables, discussions, debates and stands within the fair, attendees had the opportunity to gain a wide variety of knowledge and hear many viewpoints on the direction of innovation and digital transformation.

In this setting, Giovanni Zazzerini, Secretary General of INSME, spoke at the “Innovate From Italy” roundtable on June 13. With Lucia Chierchia (Managing Partner at GELLIFY), Massimo Carnelos (Head of Innovation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and Joe Zadeh (Investor and Former Head of Product and Experience at Airbnb), they had a rich discussion on how Italian startups and SMEs can become global leaders of innovation if supported correctly and given the space to express their creative and business potential. Zazzerini highlighted how the greatest opportunities for growth lie in understanding the advantages of one’s region and territory, subsequently relying on specialized innovation that is based on those strengths, as shown by Riviera del Brenta for example, an excellence in luxury women footwear, manufacturing over 20 million shoes per year. There is no one-fits-all solution!

Source: INSME Secretariat

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