INSME Board Meeting – Turn up the Volume for SMEs!

20 March 2024

In a dynamic gathering at Confapi’s Headquarters in Rome, the International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises (INSME) convened its board members on March 20th to strategize and lay the groundwork for future initiatives aimed at advancing the cause of SMEs globally. If SMEs want to be heard, all actors involved must join forces.

At the forefront of discussions was the forthcoming 20th INSME Annual Meeting in Rome scheduled for mid-October that will focus on the intersection between ESG and SMEs. Representatives from INSME, alongside representatives from the Board of Directors from Italy, Greece, Germany, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Romania, convened to set the stage for this important event that will celebrate 20 years of INSME’s activity. Central to their preparations is the proposal of the formulation of a unified manifesto for outlining a fresh industrial policy tailored to bolster SMEs, underscoring their vital role in economic growth and innovation.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of collaboration, INSME extends gratitude to its VP Maurizio Casasco for spearheading efforts to foster enduring partnerships. Cristoph Ahlhaus, also Vice-President of INSME, lauded for his inspirational leadership, and Cristian Camisa president of CONFAPI, recognized for his unwavering dedication, were also commended for their contributions.

Moreover, during the board meeting INSME organised a fruitful study session on intellectual property as part of the IP4SME project. In the seminar, board members discussed with intellectual property experts issues related to building a strategic advantage through intangible assets and structured a strategy to support SMEs in developing and protecting their intellectual property.

Led by President Sergio Arzeni, the INSME board reaffirmed their commitment to fortify alliances beyond Europe. Their collective resolve underscores INSME’s mission to amplify the voices of SMEs and champion their interests on the global stage.

As INSME embarks on this journey, the organization extends heartfelt appreciation to its members for their invaluable insights and steadfast support. With unity and determination, INSME remains poised to drive meaningful change and pave the way for a brighter future for SMEs worldwide. Make sure to stay tuned for the 20th INSME Annual Meeting in Rome, scheduled for October 2024.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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