INSME contributes to AGORADA+ 2021 “Financial scenarios & overcoming challenges for sustainable entrepreneurial growth”

29 October 2021

INSME Secretary General Giovanni Zazzerini took part to the AGORADA+ 2021 “Financial scenarios & overcoming challenges for sustainable entrepreneurial growth” in Valencia, Spain. The event was organised collaboratively by IVACE, Foro ADR, and EURADA.

Professor Zazzerini was invited to moderate the session, which provided an overview of impact funding practices outside Europe. Its objective was to learn from other territories, through a quick comparison of these solutions, to apply measures with proven reliability that are useful for the design of initiatives by regional development agencies. It provided an exchange and spread information to identify and promote best practices and offered an overview to identify the key characteristics deployed in each territory.

The event lasted over the course of two days, the 28th and 29th of October. The first day, focused on European programs and initiatives to support financial instruments, was dedicated to identifying potential sources of funding for impact investments through an overview of the European support framework. The second was dedicated to analysing the demand of impact finance, focusing focused on the importance of the green transition and social innovation that are considered the backbone of EU’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis and to create a competitive and sustainable climate-neutral economy.

More information is available here.


Source: INSME Secretariat

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