INSME explores the access to finance for Moroccan start-ups during the third “THE NEXT SOCIETY Policy Lab”

December, 1, 2020

The 3rd Policy Lab held virtually on 25th November was a unique occasion to explore the Innov Invest Fund, an initiative implemented by the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG) in Morocco to overcome the difficulties related to SME’s financial needs.

The debate was enhanced by Luigi Amati, Chairman at META (holding INSME vice-presidency) and at BAE – Business Angels Europe (INSME Member) who rose insightful questions to Abdelmoumen Abdelmoughite, Strategy & Cooperation Manager at CCG. The stage of development of the Business Angel component in the Innov Invest Fund was among the topics that were tackled. As Luigi Amati stated: “investing only with public sector money cannot be the solution, without the expertise and the network brought in by private investors, companies will struggle to develop their ideas”. Mr Abdelmoughite stressed the importance of this component that will become soon operational. Focusing on the sector of activities, Mr Abdelmoughite highlighted that “digital is a broad field and it is the most active sector in our portfolio with Artificial Intelligence, software, health and green tech projects”.

The Policy Lab also saw the participation of Khaled Qalalwa, DG for International Cooperation and Investment at the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence (HCIE) who presented the Innovation & Excellence Support Fund (IESF), the initiative developed in Palestine to support the growth and sustainability of start-ups.

Source: The International Network for SMEs - INSME

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