Intrasoft International will Participate in EU-funded FRONTIER Project

28 June 2021

INTRASOFT International, Europe’s leading group in IT solutions and services and INSME member, participates in the European FRONTIER project. The project, funded by CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency), aims to develop a new system of urban transport adapted to the new needs of coping with population growth and the effect of climate change. 

FRONTIER, launched on 1st May 2021, promises to be an innovative programme which aims to ensure a new mobility, based on the latest integrated transport management systems. This will be grounded on the development and use of new technological infrastructures and services such as the application of wireless traffic sensing, artificial intelligence, connected and driverless vehicles and an intelligent traffic management system. Therefore, it is possible to highlight how the project has a dual function: on the one hand, to create a safer driving environment through better traffic management and the use of intelligent and safe vehicles; on the other to contain the negative effects of increased transport on the environment. To achieve the set objectives, FRONTIER counts on a large pool of participants from different countries and involves experts, academics, transport and traffic operators and traffic management companies, research institutes and authorities in transport.  

In this context, the RID Department of INTRASOFT International will be in charge of communication and dissemination, ensuring an exchange of know-how and the setting up of communication strategies and knowledge dispersion among different transport types, to involve more transport segments such as tram cars, urban rail, buses and inland waterways and thus ensure greater project effectiveness, multimodality and interoperability among transports system.  

To learn more about the details and the different partners of FRONTIER click here. 

Source: INSME Secretariat

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