ISPIM Annual Innovation Conference : join the event!

March, 29, 2021

ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, has announced it will hold its Annual Innovation Conference on the 20th of June in Berlin. Since its foundation in 1983, ISPIM has been recognized as a leading organization in the field of Innovation Management. ISPIM’s position in this field is based on constant improvements in the organisation: sharing experience and ideas with all the interested parties. It has successfully managed to bring together professionals and managers from different sectors, such as policy makers, researchers, and innovation agencies from around the world to achieve its mission. The XXXII Innovation Conference is set to revolve around two main topics: Entrepreneurship and innovation in start-ups and SMEs, and Impact measurements and sustainability assessment of start-ups. During the 4-day virtual conference, the participants will have the opportunity to interact with innovation professional and leaders from academia, industry, and the public sector in panels, as well as engage in hot-topic discussion during networking events. Furthermore, to ensure a more dynamic conversation and the exchange of knowledge on the matter, over the 4 days ISPIM has planned different kinds of activities like scale-up workshops, forums, and case study research. In addition, ISPIM offers EU projects the chance to promote their activities during the conference. This could take the form of an invited speaker session, a discussion panel,or a workshop. You can register or find more information here.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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