Kick-off meeting of the SUPERSHINE project in Rome

19 December 2022

On 17 and 18 November in Rome, 21 international partners met in Rome to start the project SUPERSHINE, co-financed by the programme Horizon Europe, coordinated by CIVIESCO SRL, in which INSME is involved as partner. The objectives and impacts of the SUPERSHINE project will assist and support the European Commission to implement the European Green Deal. The SUPERSHINE project also will support the EU Renovation Wave Strategy and will focus on 3 pilot lighthouse districts (Denmark, Italy, Latvia) that will be used as demonstrators, involving multiple industrial sectors, focusing on the needs of the social housing inhabitants, and focusing on inclusivity, wellbeing, architectural accessibility, sustainability, and spatial organisation, considering the economic, aesthetic, cultural, and creative potential of spaces. INSME’s role in the project is to represent a key partner for engaging local SMEs and supporting upscaling activities within cities and stakeholders’ engagement implementation.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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