META Group Supports SMEs Through Policy with “Scale-Up”

28 September

META Group, INSME member, has been selected by LazioInnova to define a new Regional Action Plan that will outline the path that the Lazio Region (Italy) needs to take to attract and retain innovative companies, as part of the SCALE-UP project.

The “SCALE-UP Supporting concentration and robustness of SMEs within the renewed EU industrial policy” project, involving several regions across the EU, is funded by Interreg Europe and LazioInnova is a partner in this project. Its aim is to improve the policy instruments which support SMEs’ capacity to grow, both at national and international level.

While innovative companies can boost local businesses and increase employment opportunities, they tend to have very specific needs, and the regions in which they settle need to be able to address these concerns. The Lazio Region has already put in place a number of initiatives to make the area more friendly to start-ups, and, as, these start-ups are growing, it is necessary to support them to scale-up at a global level.

So far, META Group analysed all the good practices that LazioInnova and the other partners have shared regarding their regional policies and has provided LazioInnova with a SWOT analysis as well as a validation of these best practices. The next steps involve the preparation of the Regional Action Plan to pave the way to the adoption of the selected practices to boost scale-up.

Learn more about META Group here.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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