Participate in the IP Survey launched by INSME for the IP4SME project!

21 December 2023

INSME has just released an online survey on intellectual property (IP) aimed at providing essential understanding of the challenges and opportunities for SMEs and Startups and at suggesting strategies for building a competitive business advantage based on intellectual assets.

The survey is part of the IP4SME project activities. The programme, launched by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument and supported by EUIPO and Ideas Powered for Business, aims to create awareness around IP regulations and benefits for European SMEs in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Currently, the lack of knowledge of many local companies about intellectual property and the benefits connected to registered IP rights have hampered the exploitation of SMEs’ potential.

According to a study by the European Commission (2022 IP SME Scoreboard), SMEs represent more than 99% of enterprises operating in the EU non-financial business sector. However, only 10% of them own a registered IP right, reflecting the lack of awareness and the presence of real or perceived barriers that SMEs experience when trying to protect their IPRs.

In detail, INSME is committed to stimulate and strengthen behavioural change towards IP, innovation and growth, making SMEs and stratups  aware of the strategic use of IP assets and of the protection of trade secrets at EU level, and of the requirements that have to be met for obtaining such protection. This commitment is implemented through a series of initiatives including seminars, workshops and communication campaigns with the ultimate goals of helping EU SMEs to increase their competitiveness by using and protecting intangible assets.

To learn more about and stay updated on INSME’s activities related to the IP4SME project visit the online website and follow IP4SME on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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