Pitch Clinic: helping innovators accelerate their entrepreneurial journey

27 May 2023

META Group, a member of INSME, is launching a new edition of the Pitch Clinic, a support service dedicated to helping innovators and entrepreneurs accelerate the process of funding. The Pitch Clinic workshop is designed for early-stage knowledge-intensive startups looking for risk-capital investors. It covers key aspects such as sources of funding, approaching investors, and creating an appropriate pitch tailored to specific situations. The participants will have access to learning resources, including a hands-on session to present their pitch live in front of other startups and receive personalized feedback. 

We want to unburden entrepreneurial researchers and innovators from the daunting trial and error process of designing and presenting the right pitch. The Pitch Clinic provides not just a set of tools and a proven framework but also the opportunity to develop and practice an effective pitch together with experts and peers in a real-life context,” said Lorenzo Valeriani, Senior Expert at META Group and one of the trainers.

Drafting a successful pitch deck to raise funds can take 2-3 months with an average of 32 iterations. Many entrepreneurs spend up to 18 months struggling to develop an effective pitch and looking for potential investors, which leads to high opportunity costs. 

By joining the workshop, founders will be able to design or improve their existent pitch deck during an intensive 3,5-hour session. The program is based on META Groups’ 20 years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs and investing in early-stage startups.  

Learn more: http://bit.ly/3Ln1y5C 

Source: Meta Group

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