Sign into the European Innovation Area Manifesto.

28 September 2021

Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) has launched its European Innovation Area Manifesto with the goal of connecting all actors dedicated to tackling the barriers to European innovation and invites all relevant stakeholders to sign and submit their actionable ideas to mark their commitment to fostering innovation. As the current health and climate crises have shown us, Europe needs now more than ever a robust innovation ecosystem, policy that directly addresses innovation roadblocks, and the necessary set of tools to build a resilient and stronger Europe. To connect the numerous pieces needed to accelerate Europe’s innovation performance, all key stakeholders must be included in the conversation – from researchers to universities, startups, entrepreneurs, multinationals, VCs, accelerators, government, and so on.

The Manifesto outlines 8 key focus areas identified as crucial elements in establishing a single European Innovation Area. It calls for a strengthening of the existing tools and framework to bolster a network that unifies the various innovation ecosystems across the European continent. New technologies and innovative breakthroughs provide the answers to accelerating the green and digital transitions. If Europe is to be a global leader in the domain of technology, now is the time to enact bold innovation policy that ensures European-born innovation can grow and thrive in Europe.

Making the European Innovation Area a reality will require the input of all relevant stakeholders, from both the public and private sectors. With these goals in mind, K4I presented the Manifesto calling for actionable ideas and works with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel to build a powerful European Innovation Area for the benefit of Europe, its citizens, and its enterprises.

Find the full Manifesto here.


Source: INSME Secretariat

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