SIMEST invests EUR 200 million for internationalisation

24 January 2022

SIMEST, part of INSME network, is the CDP Group company that supports the growth and competitiveness of Italian companies worldwide, with a focus on SMEs.

The organization took a strategic shift in investing for the internationalisation of Italian start-ups and innovative SMEs. The Direct investment will take place at all stages of the start-up life cycle – from seed to growth/expansion – and will particularly concern companies developing Environmental, social, and corporate governance-oriented solutions or services or operating in the areas of digital transformation, scientific research and life sciences.

The agreement envisages that SIMEST, will allocate a total of EUR 200 million to the internationalisation of Italian start-ups and innovative SMEs, divided in the following way:

  • 50 million EUR through co-investment operations with CDP Venture Capital SGR in opportunities selected by the latter, subject to agreement by both parties and as part of investments by one of the direct funds managed by CDP Venture Capital SGR. The international growth programmes of Italian start-ups will thus be strengthened both organically and through possible cross-border transactions.
  • 150 million EUR through the subscription of an International Fund of Funds to be launched by CDP Venture Capital SGR for the purpose of attracting international investors to support and develop the local ecosystem.
Source: INSME Secretariat

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