SIMEST supports Italian SMEs for a total of 210 million euros

29 July 2021

Over the first half of 2021, our Italian INSME member SIMEST has supported over 30 Italian SMEs empowering them to export their capital goods in almost 30 different countries, through the “Export Contribution” fund. The program consists in a partial or total non-refundable aid through which these SMEs have invoiced about 210 million euros. Interestingly, the export process has seen not only Brazil, China, and Pakistan, but also Colombia, Mexico, and Ukraine as final destinations.

These countries have enabled Italian SMEs to strengthen their position in the capital goods market, especially in the textile, farm equipment, metal processing, paper and surfactant production sectors. Here are some of the SMEs which received SIMEST’s support: the Celli Papers (the Italian factory will export its large paper production mainly in China and Ukraine for over 12 million euros), the Marzoli Machine Textile (with SIMEST’s support, the factory will export in Pakistan and Bangladesh for a total of 11,5 million euros), the Desmet Ballestra (the global leader in the production and supply of facilities for detergents and soap production has stipulated contracts in Angola, Columbia, Iraq, Malaysia and Pakistan for 7,5 million euros). Finally, the Faresin Formwork (a world leader within the construction industry) will export its capital goods in the U.S.A.

For more details about SIMEST’s “Export Contribution”, click here.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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