SUPERSHINE – the EU-funded project working to tackle energy poverty

INSME is a partner of SUPERSHINE project, funded under the programme Horizon Europe. 

SUPERSHINE project from the acronymous Smart, Upgraded asset-values and quality of life, Public Private Partnership, Extended Energy Efficiency, Renewables triggered by project, Social Housing, Investment, Net Zero and European, aims to support the EU Commission to implement the European Green Deal. Secondly, one of the SUPERSHINE final goal is to renovate social housing supporting households to pay the higher costs of energy bills. Thirdly, the project will generally contribute to decrease the ongoing energy poverty. The General objectives behind the project can be summarised as follow: support to the EU Renovation Wave strategy while leading city districts to share best practises to get zero-carbon transition. 

Key principles underpinning the project are: a)‘Energy efficiency first’; b)Affordability; c)Decarbonisation and integration of renewables; d)Life-cycle thinking and circularity; e)High health and environmental standards by promoting sustainable energy behaviours; f)Tackling the twin challenges of the green and digital transitions together; g)Respect for Aesthetics and architectural quality.  

The project purses a social engagement focusing on the renovation of three pilot lighthouse districts that explores social desirability and wellbeing with technological and economic needs. Therefore SUPERSHINE, in order to get a full vision of the social commitment, has activated exploration practises of specific socio-cultural contexts. The latter will be used to redefine SMEs products  in line with social  housing residents’ needs. Hence, this measure won’t just understand the defined social context but will use this to support local SMEs.  

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