The new INSMEAcademy programme “Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” will be launched on March 30th

March, 28, 2021

The new INSMEAcademy programme Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems will start on Tuesday March 30th at 2 PM CEST. The training cycle is composed of six free webinars designed to give you all the knowledge you need on entrepreneurial ecosystems’ key components, covering the fundamental aspects and challenges of the ecosystem value chain.

Join us for the first free webinar on “Transforming Emerging Markets through Entrepreneurship”. The session, introduced and moderated by Giovanni Zazzerini, Secretary General of INSME, will explore the Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem with Anita Amorighoye, CEO at Ayzer Centre for Entrepreneurship, Nigeria and Stella Ayika, Coordinator, Center for Entrepreneurship, Development and UNEVOC Center, YABA College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria.

Click here to register to the event, participation is free of charge.

Feel free to contact us at to sign up, learn more or to set up a call to find out about or extensive training programmes.

Source: INSMEAcademy

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