“The Role of Accelerators in the Chinese Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”: insights from TOJOY’s webinar

28 June 2021

On June 14th the third session of INSMEAcademy on Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems explored the role of accelerators in the Chinese entrepreneurial ecosystem with our member TOJOY. Richard Burton and Scott Douglas Williams, respectively CEO of TOJOY EMEA and Senior International Director at TOJOY Capital Holdings based in Shanghai, participated as speakers to the webinar, which was moderated by INSME Secretary General, Giovanni Zazzerini.  

The speakers highlighted the critical importance of China’s 14th 5-Year Plan, aiming to transform the country into an innovation powerhouse, and on the rising importance of the Greater Bay Area, the region expanding from Hong and Macau to Guangdong, as the government plans to greatly expand and modernise the area, already accounting for 12% of China’s GDP, with the objective of creating a new Silicon Valley. To learn more, you can find the insights from the session here, and the presentations used by the speakers here. 

Join us after the summer on as we will be depicting the Russian entrepreneurial ecosystem with our member Generations S on September 2. Click here to register. 

Source: INSME Secretariat

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