TOJOY Aims to Accelerate 100 Unicorn Start-ups

23 December 2021

TOJOY, INSME Member, has recently launched a major incubation program in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen which aims to incubate 100 unicorns: privately held start-ups valued at over US$1 billion each. According to TOJOY Global CEO, Ge Jun, the program will offer market expansion, promotion, management consulting and digitalization services for start-ups to help them grow rapidly. China is undergoing a national mass entrepreneurship and innovation campaign. As part of China’s Innovative Enterprise Growth Acceleration Plan, global business accelerator TOJOY will select hundreds of outstanding start-ups for partnership.

The incubator has developed a platform gathering all kinds of resources, including hundreds of fund management firms with around 1 trillion yuan (US$156 billion) in funds and the shared experience and business resources of over 1.5 million registered successful entrepreneurs,” said Ge. “A new ecological system will be created for the start-ups as they access these one-stop services.

China’s central government launched a nationwide mass entrepreneurship and innovation campaign in 2015 to boost employment and increase workers’ salaries. Many start-up firms and innovative projects have been developed across the country to answer Premier Li Keqiang’s call to “set off a new wave and trend of entrepreneurship.”

The selected start-up projects will be showcased on TOJOY’s Boss Cloud app to source investment and cooperation partners. They will also appear at a variety of investment events. Organizers expect that the start-ups can thus reach agreements with hundreds of clients and business partners.

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Source: INSME Secretariat

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