ToJoy – Podcast Business Development of European Companies to China

March, 29, 2021
TOJOY has released a new podcast on European-Chinese business development. Speaker for the recording is Veronique Yang, Director of European Project to China at TOJOY, and offers three useful suggestion to keep in mind while establishing China-Europe business relationships. The podcast focuses on the crucial aspects for European and Chinese companies that want to develop their business together in China. She uses three Chinese expressions which, according to Ms Yang, are key in finding the right balance in and outside the organization. To start, she says that the recognition of each other’s values enables contribution among organizations and partners. Next, she highlights the importance of communication, which makes resolution of challenges much easier. Lastly, she states how she believes that organizations should share a common goal and therefore should develop hand in hand, continuing their partnership over time with a joint effort. Trust, tolerance, continued learning, and effective communication are the basis of a good partnership. By following the above-mentioned principles daily management and long run strategy management become within everyone’s reach. As cross-cultural partnerships are becoming easier to start, it is necessary to have the right skills to manage them successfully. You can listen the podcast here.
Source: INSME Secretariat

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