TRUSTFOOD – Advanced Digital Skills on Blockchain for Trusted Food Supply Chains 

TRUSTFOOD is a founded project by Digital Europe, with an ambitious goal aiming to deliver training courses in order to reskill the labour force with a focus on SMEs committed to Food Supply Chain and the agricultural sector. The selected courses provided are intended to be highly practical. These will be:

  • Courses for business leaders & managers;
  • Courses for employed people or job seekers;
  • Courses on specific business cases for high-skilled workers.

The latter will offer specific knowledge about key digital technologies of Blockchain and their application to the food supply chain sector.  With a total budget of  2.6 million, TRUSTFOOD involves 14 organisations from Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia and Lithuania.  The link between agri-food sector and blockchain rests on some key principles such as: transparency, trust and traceability. 

The idea is to use these Blockchain principles to ensure food quality, safety and sustainability through enhanced food traceability, driving consumers’ purchasing power towards sustainable products. The project addresses inequalities between large and small enterprises creating a proactive environment for smallholders and ensure them new technologies to improve the functioning of global food and agricultural markets.  

INSME has the role to promote collaborative networks in order to share programs, activities and info on innovative policies for projects such as this. 

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