UCAS – Technical Assistance Mission

In November of 2019, INSME led an EBSOMED operation with speakers from different fields of expertise. This operation took place over six days and it focused on facilitating the exchange of know-how on how to successfully manage an incubator, offering support to the peer organisation by sharing best in class examples to benchmark with, providing the peer organisation with competencies enabling the effective management of technology transfer, innovation and IPRs.

For the first day INSME staff introduced what the activities would be for the following days. The next couple of days were spent at the Fintech and Logistics International Conference. Here there were one-to-one meetings where attendees could have a meeting with an expert and they got to learn more about best practices. The fourth day included a lesson instructed by IP experts and after a trip to see the incubator at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The next day there was a site visit to Technology Transfer and Innovation, which was focused on networking with experts in the technology transfer field. Finally the last day was a seminar led by INSME experts about how to go from start-up to scale up.

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