Unlocking the Power IP – IP4SME Free Course

20 June, 2024

IP4SME is a project led by INSME supported by EUIPO and Ideas Powered for Business. The project aims to create awareness around IP regulations and benefits for European SMEs. Indeed, in the current globalised market, characterised by increased competition, intangible assets are capable of providing a competitive advantage to SMEs in all business sectors.

INSME, joined by Intellectual Property lawyer and partner, Elio de Tullio, recently held the first webinar of the Unlock the Power of IP course as part of the IP4SME project. Participants had the opportunity to explore the various types of IPRs, principles of filing for IP protection, methods of filing for IP registration at different levels (nationally, regionally, or internationally), opportunities offered by IPRs to businesses, and recommendations for SMEs, all completely free of charge and permitting the release of a Certificate of Participation by the end of the full course. A recording of the session can be found on INSME’s YouTube.

The next webinar of the free Unlocking Success through IP course, focusing on Brand Management, will be held on the 10th of July. For more information about the IP4SME project, visit the website here.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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