Up- and re- skilling in micro and small enterprises

September, 29, 2020

The Directorate-General for Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission has recently published “Up- and re- skilling in micro and small enterprises”, a study elaborated with the collaboration of a group of researchers led by the Centre for European Policy Studies.

The study involved 432 micro and small companies around Europe and found out that despite a widespread awareness of the importance of up- and re-skilling – which has been made even more urgent by the Covid-19 crisis – only a minority of SMEs takes actions to enhance employees’ participation in this kind of activities.

According to the data collected the study suggests a series of recommendations to support companies in up- and re-skilling:

  • raise awareness and information about available support programmes
  • promote collaborative approaches at sectoral and local/regional level
  • adapt up- and re-skilling activities to companies’ needs
  • tailor public funding for up- and re-skilling to the features of micro and small companies
  • target key actors
  • enhance support to assess skills gaps and track skills development.

Discover more findings by reading the publication available here.

Source: European Commission – Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

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